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Tuesday 30 April 2019

Bridge Out

Sunday was MD’s 11th Birthday but everybody forgot. So we celebrate it a day late. The Lad celebrates by raiding L’s bag again and taking an apple up the garden for a post-breakfast snack. She does give him the opportunities but she says she’s putting an onion in there tomorrow.

When I cycle to work on Tuesday and arrive at the Meadow Lane Bridge over the A52 Chaddesden to Pride Park, I find it closed. Apparently the whole thing is about to be demolished and there will be no bridge at all until spring next year when they open a new one. Thanks for the notice...

Of course at the original presentation for the road improvements we were told the new bridge would go up before the old bridge was demolished. The date for the installation of that bridge was January this year but that lapsed when work on the entire project was halted in September.

Now they have found another £25 million down the back of a sofa somewhere the project is back on and the bridge design seems to be completely different to what was originally planned.

I am directed further down the A52 to a bridge at Highfield Lane that I didn’t even know existed. The only problem is the footpath to it isn’t really bike friendly so I need to find out how to get to it by road.

On my way home I get completely lost when I try to find a way back to the main road from it.

(Tuesday 30th April)

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