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Friday 18 October 2019

The Nature Of A Deterrent

It appears that someone ‘acting suspiciously’ was very in vogue yesterday as there was an incident at the Birmingham Half Marathon too. Unlike ours their race did go ahead but the route was diverted away from Cannon Hill Park cutting almost two miles off the distance.

L expresses frustration at this happening in Birmingham rather than Peterborough because eleven miles was what she was looking to run before calling in the services of Jeff and Darren, who could have still got their lie-in had we opted for Birmingham.

At home someone seems to agree with her as there seems to be a chewed Peterborough race number in the hall which means someone's had their paws up on the kitchen worktop.

At Birmingham though, there are still people not happy and while perhaps an offer of a small reduction off next year might be in order asking for a full refund when you’ve already walked off with the t-shirt, medal and goodie bag is a bit rich.

Meanwhile, just as I'm poised to scour Sainsbury’s for sexier bin liners in preparation for our next wet race L tells she’s on a mission for ponchos instead. Either purchase will mean they're never needed which is the nature of a deterrent. Until you forget them of course.

I bike on Tuesday because the previous night’s weather forecast had promised a fine day. Unfortunately it wasn’t entirely accurate as it rained the whole way but I’m still glad I made the effort.

Later I’m off Dogging while L does a hill session with Daughter. I believe it was a speedy one because they had to make it back for Bake Off.

Wednesday is Thunder Run sign up day but no one around here seems to be suffering from
FOMO over it. Instead we enter the Flying Fox 10 Miler, which L says is much more exciting.  Although it’s only Stoke...

I bike again on Thursday which is dry but rather chilly and I was late. I’m always late but I wasn't as late as I expected because the traffic was quite light for once.

On Friday we have visitors for tea as we have invited Daughter and her +1 round. So I cook a Thai Curry and lay on a few drinks. Basically we’re softening them up for dog sitting duties, not that we expected them to drink us out of beer and wine.

(Friday 18th October)

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