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Sunday 16 August 2020

The Broom Cupboard

I’m in work on Friday as I move into a new smaller office. There was once six of us in our large upstairs office but now there are only three of us so we are being moved into the broom cupboard downstairs. I just hope there’s a window and enough room for my bike.

We also now have a dishwasher at work because they want our cleaner to focus on cleaning rather than washing mugs etc. Can’t really see how that warrants a washing machine and I’m not sure anyone will use it. It’s pretty easy just to wash your own stuff in the sink.

Saturday sees L back doing Pilates at John Carroll with my masseuse taking the class. In the evening we go to Canning Circus where we split the evening between the Organ Grinder and the Borlase.

On Sunday, L and Daughter run the parkrun course at Bestwood which is an odd choice given that it’s the hilliest one in Nottingham. I join them but only to walk the dogs.

Having finally given up on the Bosch vacuum celaner and the saga about getting it fixed or replaced, we order a Dyson. 

(Sunday 16th August)

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