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Thursday 13 August 2020

Too Hot

Apparently masks are now required in all public indoor settings which shows what I know as I thought that was already the case from the moment it came in for shops. 

Nottingham City Council reopen John Carroll Leisure Centre but we’re all confused that it doesn’t open before 3pm but then we’ve suspected for some time that they are trying to phase the centre out.

On Monday we visit the Dog and Duck again with my Mum and Dad, helping out by eating out. We still think their queuing system is ridiculous and pointless, particularly as they seem so understaffed. They also seem to have put extra tables into cash in on the extra trade. I am in their huge queue for the second time when they announce they have no chips left. This causes about half the queue to immediately walk out of the pub in protest, presumably on their way to somewhere else, enabling me to jump almost up to the front. Every cloud... as they say.

It’s too hot for tennis on Tuesday, apparently. Personally, I’d have taken the opportunity to play as it’ll most likely rain now for the next few Tuesdays. I run instead even though it’s definitely too hot for running and I have to do so without the Lad. I only manage four miles.

Professional cycling resumes with the Tour, the Giro and La Vuelta all coming in quick succession. First though it the Dauphiné Libéré and I sign up to Eurosport to watch all four.

L is in work today but still do her online yoga session with Daughter. Yoga at your desk is just so metropolitan or something. However I’m sure the Lad is gutted he’s missing out.

His consolation is that he gets to run another 10k with me. Not that I’m training for anything as the Great South is officially cancelled.

This week I also check in with Jay’s quiz, the first time for ages.

( Thursday 13th August)

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