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Sunday 23 August 2020

Alfresco Dining

Friday has become my day to cycle into the office but Storm Emma, at least I think that’s what this one is called, and 45mph winds means cycling to work isn’t really advisable so I take the car instead. Rather worryingly about 80% of our staff seem to be back in the office, which makes social distancing a bit tricky. Luckily in the broom cupboard, my new office, it’s just me.

On Saturday after her Pilates, L meets some friends at Elvaston Park and I meet them there later with the dogs. Unfortunately just as I arrive everyone else is running for cover when the rain that has been threatening all morning arrives in style.

In the evening we have booked a table in Derby Market Place’s new outdoor bar/beer garden. Given the unpredictable weather it's good that I had the forethought to book us own personal ‘shed’. They have these covered tables in huts around the perimeter which provides us with a romantic sanctuary from the rain. Some friends of mine also have their own hut.


There is a bar from the Derby Brewery and we order food from the Exeter which they bring across. They also have an interesting approach to measuring social distancing.


Afterwards we pop into the Silk Mill for a few extra beers.

On Sunday with have lunch with my Mum and Dad at the Clock Warehouse having abandoned the annoyingly busy, unsafe and dubious pricing policies of the Dog & Duck. The Clock Warehouse is much better and with table service too.

(Sunday 23rd August)

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