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Thursday 20 August 2020

Flea Infestation

At Sainsburys on Monday their Smartshop self scanning system isn’t working so I have to try to remember how to do the shopping old style.

Tuesday is effectively a day off with the internet going down at work meaning I can’t log in to do any work. This would have been an opportunity for a more relaxed tennis session but my opponent cancels after injuring his back tidying his garage or it could just be an excuse because the weather is looking like it could turn wet. As predicted last week.

In the evening we Eat Out To Help Out with Daughter at the Sarangbang Korean Food Café which is really good and we have a cheeky pint afterwards in the very well organised Lincolnshire Poacher.

On Wednesday, Daughter is fitted for a stab vest and other police clothing but they have delayed her start date until November. At least we think that’s what’s going to happen. They are checking for availability in the November cohort. L says it sounds more like she trying to book a table at a restaurant than start a new career.

It’s quiet in L's office particularly with her boss away in France and the rule now is that you have to quarantine for 14 days when you return from France. So he’s decided he’s staying out there a bit longer.

It’s busy in my home office with myself and two scratching dogs. We seem to be having our own pandemic at home as we currently appear to be experiencing a flea infestation.

Thursday is shopping at Asda for my folks and it’s not getting any more pleasant. It seems to me that the more at risk groups you belong to the greater the likelihood that you won’t be wearing a mask. Perhaps they are all exempt but then you’d hope that someone else would be doing their shopping for them.

Personally, I’m not sure what the problem with masks is and I think those black masks look damn sexy on the right people, I sort of regret getting a blue one now, or it may just be that you notice everyone’s eyes more.

It's also livened up the shopping experience because now you’ve only got the eyes to attempt to work out what people are thinking e.g. whether they’re going to make a sudden lurch for the ketchup in the condiments' aisle. If you’re going to pull a social distance busting manoeuvre like that then you might need to start wearing dark glasses.

(Thursday 20th August)

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