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Sunday 7 February 2021

Parrots And Mammoths

When driving to the supermarket on Monday, I pulled up at Bardills roundabout and a man crossed the road in front of me with a real live parrot on his shoulder. It’s not often you see that. 

One month in Brexit appears to be going swimmingly well with exports to Europe dropping by two thirds across the board but at least we have our vaccines. Happy days.

Derby’s game at Rotherham, already postponed once due to Covid, is cancelled again on Tuesday due to a waterlogged pitch. It is quickly rearranged for Wednesday which you can do these days with no fans to worry about and no policing to book. Derby probably wish it hadn’t been as they lose 3-0.

Then on Saturday it happens again as the game at Barnsley is rained off but this one cannot be quickly rescheduled.

Captain Sir Tom Moore dies and they are already talking of putting a statue up to him. I just hope they do the background checks first. I'd hate to see the next generation lobbing the guy in the river. Perhaps they should just name a hospital after him instead.

Daughter, now only about six weeks from starting the Police, sends us a photo of her modelling her stab vest. Lets hope she doesn't need it.

On Saturday we watch the Children’s Act on L’s insistence as she is Ian McEwan’s biggest fan. She says that’s me but it’s her really.

On Sunday I go out for a run and manage a mammoth 2k.

(Sunday 7th February)

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