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Sunday, 28 February 2021


On Monday the Government publishes its hugely anticipated roadmap. Schools will open on the 8th March, the outdoor socialising and sport that everybody has been doing regardless becomes legal again from the 29th March, shops can open and pubs can serve outdoors from 12th April, and pubs can open indoors from 17th May. Then there is to be an absolute free for all on 21st June when all remaining restrictions will be lifted. That last bit seems wildly optimistic to me, so I thoroughly expect that day to slip, maybe by a year or so.

There is no mention of students returning to University and this is probably because around here they seem to have been trying to sneak them all back quietly without anyone really noticing since early January.

On the self checkouts at Sainsburys I am randomly selected for a 14 item rescan and because one of those items I have missed scanning, I have to take the whole £100 shop to a normal checkout put the whole lot on the belt and act nice a normal person. All seemed very draconian to me and so much for self scan being quicker.

But the highlight of Monday is when the Lad vomits up a pair of tights which I assume he devoured at my Mum’s when I wasn’t looking.

By Wednesday, Daughter has her second bus lane violation of the week, her third overall. She says none of them were when she was driving or in this latest case even in the car. I think she needs to have a word with her partner.

A nice surprise arrives on Friday, when I receive a parcel from work with two cans of beer, pork scratchings and crisps as a thank you. Very nice. Then I find out they’ve taken six and half day’s holiday off me that I’d previous been told I could keep. They do pay me for it but I’d rather have had the holiday.

On Saturday L and I go running with Daughter on Forest Rec. L is basically starting the couch to 5k that I inadvertently started a few weeks ago. We are, in theory, breaking the one-to-one meeting rule as there are three of us but Forest Rec is easily the best place to do this as the park is full of illegal football matches and groupings, not to mention that every second person who is smoking seems to be smoking something illegal. I manage a total of 3.5k.

Back at my Mum’s on Sunday, The Lad is clearly unrepentant about my Mum’s tights and tries to eat her socks. When I stop him he pees up the wall instead. For some reason they think it’s sweet and don’t ban him.

When I get home, I run-walk 4.3k across the park, my second run in two days. Only 37.9k to go for my marathon.

(Sunday 28th February)

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