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Sunday 14 February 2021

Sharing The Love

It snows overnight just as Daughter is off to do stinger training (stopping speeding vehicles by throwing spikes at them) in the frozen north of Worksop. That could get interesting. The constabulary seem to agree and cancel it.

I have an online meeting with my bosses at work where they could have handed me my P45 and inched me towards an early retirement. However they decide to keep me on and retrain me, that is if you can teach an exceedingly old dog new tricks.

It’s long time since I’ve had L email me from work, as in actual work and not from upstairs, but it happens on Friday as she makes a rare journey into the office.

I go for another run, cranking up the distance from 2km to an awesome 2.65km. Just another 39.55km to go to make it back up to marathon distance.

The weekend had pretty much set into a pattern. Friday Night is Curry Night from the Savera. Saturday is watching the football at my Dad’s, where L drops me off on the way to see her folks and then picks me up on the way back. While, of late, Sunday night has become Chinese Take Away night. Although we have now both decided that the meals aren't actually much good. So for Valentine's Night we decide to eat 'in'. I even let L cook.

Before that we went for a romantic coffee on the park with the dogs. MD wasn’t really sharing the Valentine’s day love though and randomly attacked another dog, totally forgetting his age. He's not done that in years. The Lad was so stunned he forgot to get involved. 

(Sunday 14th February)

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