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Sunday 23 May 2021

Adjacent Lockers

This is the week when we are finally allowed to go to the pub again and possibly even hug other people but the Boss has made it clear that if we do and cases go up again then it’ll all be our fault.

L says that they are now allowed adjacent lockers at the gym and the ‘I am self-isolating’ stickers on the alternate ones have been removed. I hope they haven’t thrown them away. You know, just in case. While her office has a whole raft of new guidelines and still no chocolate machine.

On Tuesday Dog Training finally restarts although we do still have to keep to groups of six. The Lad has a great time regardless. He's glad to be back.

Daughter wants some climbing hooks off me, not that I climb and they’re only fake ones anyway. I’m not sure what she’s planning.

On Thursday I have another telephone physio appointment. I am now allowed to go to the gym, do 10 minutes exercise bike, light leg weights and a brisk 15 minute walk on the treadmill. I am just about managing to contain my excitement. She has though made an appointment for me to see a real live person in a few weeks’ time. 

Obviously I didn't own up to the twice weekly runs and my two cycle rides to work this week.

On Saturday I finally give in to the Opticians after their 20th texted reminder and visit them for a check-up. I hardly saw it as a necessary journey given we were in the midst of a pandemic.

My physio would be impressed as I run 11k in 1:17 on Sunday. She might be impressed (as well as disapproving) but I’m not with a time like that. My knees permit me to cut the lawn at parents as well, so perhaps this is progress.

In the evening we go inside a pub for the first time in ages, now that we are able, and visit The Good, the Bad and the Drunk which was formerly A Room With A Brew and is now managed by the not so cheerful former manager of the Organ Grinder. Who appears to have a rather large axe to grind considering how he says he left his former employer.

 (Sunday 23rd May)

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