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Sunday 16 May 2021

Iron Turns To Rust

After a few days of good weather, Monday brings golf ball sized hailstones. Tuesday looks better so I cycle into work only to have to hide in a bus shelter on the way home as the hail returns.

Not having learnt my lesson I cycle in again on Wednesday. It doesn’t hail but it’s tough doing two days in a row for the first time in ages. L says like a true Ironman e.g. one where the iron has well and truly rusted.

Strava is just  as glowing in its praising, telling me I’ve claimed the title of Local Legend on the ‘Risley to Asda 8km of Love’. I’m really not sure what planet Strava is on. 

I send L some Dog Show dates, it’s a while since I’ve done that. The Lad and I intend to return to Bilsthorpe in July where I took him for his first d├ębut two years ago before all this strange stuff started.

Being back at work requires a refinement to the process of doing my parents shopping. I go to Asda in my lunch hour and take it round after work.

I receive the results of my antibody test which are described as ‘indeterminate’. They say it has not been possible to determine if I have antibodies because either there has been a problem with my sample, I have antibodies at a level that is too low to be detected or the test may have reacted with antibodies to other infections. So all very useful then.

Again we run\walk 5k on Friday morning and run\walk 10k on Sunday morning. In between the highlight of the weekend is a trip to buy a slam ball from Powerhouse Fitness in West Bridgford. Which is a very impressive and cool thing to buy, so obviously it wasn’t me who bought it.

I just hope L doesn’t drop it on one of the dogs when she’s doing her workout in the garden.

(Sunday 16th May)

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