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Sunday 31 October 2021

A Bruising Week

L and I do a Sunday morning 7k run. This comes after doing Parkrun on Saturday at Wollaton where I took a tumble down by the lake where either a rock or a tree root felled me. The Lad appeared not to notice and attempted to keep dragging me along. He’s no Doggo, who would have immediately administered mouth to mouth resuscitation. I crossed the line with a gashed knee, grazed elbow and, as L points out later, a grazed back of my shoulder as well. I have no idea how I did that. The Run Director had to add me to their race report.

In the evening we hit Stapleford for a few beers

On Monday we discover that we didn’t do very well in the ticket ballot for the Commonwealth Games but we did however get tickets for the finals of the Lawn Bowls. L is very excited about that and says it’s on her list of things to try in retirement. This is, I understand, a long list.

So we’ve spent the princely sum of £44 whereas L’s sister has apparently spent over £800 but she doesn’t have Lawn Bowls! We did only apply for finals and we can add other events later.

L’s mum escapes from self isolate after a mild bout of Covid and promptly head off into town as usual. 

I attend the gym on Tuesday which will either enhance or hinder my run tonight. At least Derby Arena seem to have sorted my gym membership out now. My run is only 7.5k but that’s a start as I build up to the Derby Half.

On the back of that, I cycle on Wednesday which wasn’t quite as much hard work as I was expecting. It’s just me cycling this week as my colleague is having a week on the Cornish ales. When I get back home, in a fit of jealousy, I book us a week on the Cumbrian ales.

Wednesday is also dog training, while L does the Pumpkin Trail, and Thursday is the horrible Asda trip.

I work from home on Friday because I want to and almost no one is in the office.

On Saturday, we parkrun at Forest Rec and Derby lose at home to Blackburn. Then on Sunday I go on the velodrome where I make a schoolboy error, cycle too slowly on the banking, fall off and (the worse bit) bring someone else down with me. So now I have more bruises, knee/hip/shoulder, to add to the ones from Parkrun.

(Sunday 31st October)

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