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Friday 15 October 2021

Sounds Like A Plan

On Monday I have another session of physio. The physio seems pleased with my progress in the gym and refers me back to the main physio. Although I have no idea why I need to be referred back.

I bike on Tuesday and Wednesday while The Lad has his training on Tuesday.

L tells me about a friend of hers who did the Virtual London Marathon the other week. It took a group of them 9 hours as they ran some of it, walked some of it, did a lot of the 'Jeff' stuff while occasionally dropping into a coffee shop. It all sounds a bit like my plan for Brighton next year.

On Thursday we head down to the Robin Hood Beer Festival which this year is at the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground. The event had to relocate from the Ice Arena which couldn’t accommodate them this year. Ther first thing to note is that it’s a very odd layout, sort of long and thin down one side of the cricket ground and rather hard to navigate around. It also seems a lot smaller than usual, that is unless we simply didn’t find all of it. We have our usual overpriced and rather small, posh curry from the likes of Mem Saab. We only stay for a couple of hours, getting a taxi there and back from DG while struggling to figure out how we pay them through their app and end up doing so in cash.

I have the dentist on Friday where apparently my long run of not having anything done which goes back to when I was 17 appears to be ending as the dentist wants to take one of my top wisdom teeth out which he claims is quite ‘straightforward’. I wasn’t aware there was a problem but he says it’s needs to be done within the new couple of months to stop the decay spreading. So they book me in for January! 

(Friday 15th October)

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