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Monday 18 April 2022

A New Drawing Board

Having got back from Brighton and picked up the dogs from kennels I have the morning walk to look forward to. How I’ve missed the morning walk. Not! It’s a good job I don’t need my knees for anything any more. 

The Lad doesn’t seem to have tired himself out much at kennels given how he greets his least favourite dog this morning and how much misdirected energy he puts into his training later.

Having already had two days off this week, we get another one on Friday as it’s Easter. L, it can safely be said, has a traumatic Good Friday as she has to offered to drive her Mum over to Shrewsbury for a wedding.

That’s on top of having toothache for which she can’t get a dentist’s appointment. The Dentists seem to have now taken on board the GP thing where you have to ring at 8:30am if I want an emergency appointment. If you miss out then you can't be an emergency again until tomorrow.

Meanwhile I’m pretending I’m at work not on Easter break, to the dogs at least, so that I can get some Dog Club admin done.

L’s drive to Shrewsbury goes much better than she expected and she get back in time to meet me at Aston (I get the bus over) to sit with my Mum while my Dad and I go to an evening kick off against league leaders Fulham. Which Derby being Derby win 2-1, deny Fulham their promotion (for now) and keep alive their own Great Escape (for now).

On Easter Monday, the Lad and I have a dog show at Catton Park. It goes as badly as they all tend to at the moment. Run one was sort of alright but I couldn’t think of anything good to say about run two or run three or run four. We leave with four eliminations and head back to the drawing board. Perhaps it’s a new drawing board that we need.

(Monday 18th April)

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