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Saturday 23 April 2022

Virtual Dentist

A keg of Lenton Lane Winter Ale arrives ahead of my birthday which is good start to the week. Oddly it is also L’s favourite

I cycle in to work which was good, I even got the shades out.

L manages to beat off competition from all the other emergencies to get an emergency appointment with the dentist. Which turns out to be her first ever virtual dental appointment. He assures her that she’s just got an infection and that her teeth shouldn't rot or fall out.

MD takes a tumble. Possibly, but we're not sure, after colliding with the Lad. He seems generally ok but not quite 100%. Not quite himself. However he still seems up for a trip to dog training in the evening. L and Daughter meanwhile are racking up the lunchtime Couch to 5Ks.

On Thursday I am out in Derby with my friend but I opt to go over from home rather than from the office as I intend to be in the office on Friday for yet another leaving do. The 5th one to go. There will be post-work drinks in the Brunswick after they were persuaded to forgo the awful Harvester.

The Brunswick is funnily enough also where I spend part of Thursday evening. Once I found a bus that is, which wasn’t easy. The first one was cancelled and the second one was full but I got on the third one that came. Luckily my friend is never early but he beat me there for the first time ever. I bet he was worried he’d got the wrong day. I did, of course, text him but he only checks his texts once a week.

While I’m in work on the Friday I reacquaint myself with the gym which wasn’t straightforward because they’ve removed the online booking system but didn’t tell anyone. As there was no booking available I naturally assumed the gym was shut but as it’s so close to work I walked over anyway. They explained that it's now just turn up as it was pre-Covid. Personally I liked the booking system as it told you how busy it was going to be.

The gym was very quiet, I bet everyone else assumed it was shut.

On Saturday L Parkruns at Wollaton, which is something like her 224th so far. MD does the last hundred metres with her.

Then in the afternoon Derby, who were relegated at QPR on Easter Monday, lost 3-1 at home to Bristol City.

(Saturday 23rd April)

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