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Sunday 26 August 2018

50 Up

Saturday brings a momentous occasion that I am sure many were doubting I’d ever reach. In fact no one doubted it more than me. This is the moment of my 50th Parkrun.

I decide I would like to break new ground for the occasion so we head out to Kingsbury Water Park near Sutton Coldfield to do the deed. All goes well and I don’t even celebrate my 50th by getting injured. The run moves MD on to 46 but I don’t believe they do the t-shirts for dogs.

The afternoon is taken up with a Derby home match while Sunday brings another run as we head up to Clumber Park to do another Trust 10k.

The improvement in my fitness is shown clearly with my time at Clumber of 49:17 compared with 48:31 in June...

(Sunday 26th August)

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