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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

No Trains, No Buses, No Road

I go to work on Monday on the bus, this was a mistake. It appears that Derby is officially closed, at least if you are coming from Nottingham. No trains, no buses, no road.

There are no trains running due to track work at Derby Railway Station. The replacement buses along with the normal buses like the one I’m on are all stuck in the traffic because the A52 has now been reduced to one lane until 26th August. The school holidays are apparently the time to do this because it’s quieter. Not now it isn’t. I arrive an hour late for work.

At home the Lad continues to have fun\wreak havoc (delete as applicable). His party trick is pulling all the washing off the line so that he can eat the clothes pegs. L warns him he's still on probation and suggests putting up a video camera to keep track of the chaos during the day. We could but he’d probably eat that too.

On Tuesday, I attempt to get to work by car. I make it and I’m only ten minutes late after trying several different routes of entry. Result.

After our rather wet dog show at the weekend I am recruited do some tent building on Wednesday evening as we need to erect them again to dry them out. However a task force gets up there in the afternoon and therefore there is nothing left for me to do. Result.

(Wednesday 1st August)

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