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Wednesday 8 May 2019

Plausible Reasons

Today is L’s birthday but we don’t get much chance to celebrate it properly. At least not today.

Daughter stands in for me and meets L in town.

I’m at the physio after work, Performance Physio at the Tennis Centre. Things don’t get off to a good start when they send me a stupid paper form to fill in. How traditional... and I’d already sent them a long email explaining what the issue is, so I’m not writing all that out by hand.

When I get there though, they are very good and give me a thorough check over. They give me some plausible reasons why I’m having calf trouble, which is more than anyone else has done, and of course the obligatory exercises.

Another tip for injury prevention is to drink plenty of water, so I have started drinking at least a pint a day at work. Today, I even finished a second pint. L is in awe, as she says she often only gets an inch down her first one. The lightweight.

Later it’s dog training, where the Lad has a bit of a spat with another dog and I suffer collateral damage to my arm. This reopens the debate about cutting off a part of his anatomy. 

(Wednesday 8th May)

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