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Friday 5 July 2019

All The Drama I Need

The week starts with the garage letting me down. Despite them saying they’d get the windscreen washer part for the Astra ordered in advance, they haven’t done so. So I won’t have the car back for lunchtime and therefore have to defer my shopping until Tuesday.

The Lad knocks the barricade down and absconds upstairs, again. I must get a replacement sorted. It's also not going to be easy getting in the front door tonight. 

L has a tennis match but is hoping it is rained off as she still has Sunday’s Round Sheffield Run in her legs. For once there looks to be no chance whatsoever of rain, so the game goes ahead and although her partner and her lose the doubles game, it was close and went to a tie break. While all this drama is taking place I’m at dog training where the Lad is all the drama I need.

I am dogging again on Wednesday which is also the day that Derby County finally lose Frank Lampard and swiftly appoint former Dutch international Phillip Cocu as their new manager. Cocu was also manager of PSV Eindhoven manager for five years, winning the title three times.

To be honest I’m a bit confused as to why he isn’t at Chelsea as he’s a better choice for them that Lampard.

I get in two bike sessions in this week, on Wednesday and Thursday. Now I just have to stay awake on the tennis court.

On Friday L gets me up at 4am (again) for another Sunrise 5k. She says she is only doing it because Daughter is doing it with someone from her work and L hates being outdone. FOMO as Daughter calls it, just before Daughter herself bails out when she doesn’t make it make back from Manchester.

L makes it up to me by offering a post-work pint in the Exeter. This is almost becoming a regular bad (but welcome) habit. I daren’t indulge too much because tomorrow is the day of the Lad’s competitive debut. Stand by for more drama.

(Friday 5th July)

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