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Sunday 28 July 2019

First And Last

I return to Locko Park on Thursday for more dog show preparation and I even have sun cream on. Although this doesn’t seem to stop the insect bites. Bizarrely after two days of setting up in the heat, it then rains for most of the weekend when the event is actually on.

L arrives late on Thursday and complains she can’t find our motor home. She’s such a card. I have three kegs of beer and plenty of bottles of wine to take her mind off the camping.

Foodwise the club are laying on meals for Friday (steak and salad) and Saturday (Thai buffet). We manage to get a local Indian Restaurant to deliver us a curry on the Thursday.

The show goes very well from the club’s point of view and also very well for the Lad. It was his first proper show and I was worried he would be too distracted by all the other dogs there. I had my doubts about whether he would stay in his competition ring but he was brilliant. He had six runs in the 'baby' class and in one of them he set the fastest time but had a pole down so came 11th. Then in another he got a trophy for 3rd place. If we hadn’t done a massively wide turn on the last jump I think he would have won it.

Conversely it was MD’s last show before moving into the Veteran class. He was running at a height lower than what he should be jumping at, a practice which will be outlawed from next year, and he got a rosette for 2nd place.

(Sunday 28th July)

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