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Thursday 1 August 2019

Everywhere You Turn

After our dog show finished in the rain we decided to leave all the tents up to dry. This of course meant someone had to go back today to take them down. I offer to go after work but enough people volunteer before then to get them down before I even leave work.

So the Lad is over the moon with joy as he can go to his Monday evening training, to hopefully build on the good performances he put in over the weekend. L has the the less exciting prospect of going round to her parents’ to do some gardening. At least she can count it as a workout.

Our local Waitrose is to become a Lidl. Which doesn't seem to make much sense. I really can’t see them doing much good in Wollaton but then what do I know. I assume I won’t be able to get my Shrimp Paste there?

Along with Aldi, Lidl seems to be taking over. They are already building a new supermarket on the Beechdale Baths site and Aldi have just built a new one in Stapleford where I thought they were supposed to be building houses. It do comes with the requirement of a mere 10 houses and Aldi even tried to get that requirement removed.

After a day off the rain starts again and I get the bus into work on Tuesday but then I can’t get out of Derby Bus Station as they’ve closed half the bays and are digging something up. At the moment in Derby there are roadworks everywhere you turn.

L says the Lad must be growing up because he scooted up the garden with her trainer, rather than the apple she left on the worktop. That’s growing up?

The rain eventually stops briefly on Thursday and I get to cycle to work, with repaired cleats and I manage not to fall off.

My tennis is back after a two week hiatus. The only problem is the rain has started again. We go ahead and play but get an additional workout drying out the court. Well, our squeegee muscles do.

(Thursday 1st August)

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