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Monday 30 September 2019


Everybody seems high as a kite after yesterday. Well. L, her sister and Daughter anyway. Although Daughter didn’t even do it... I’m not quite so high but then I’m the only one who failed to hit their target!

L says she’s enthused.

Shall I enter us for Peterborough?’ I ask.

Oh, yes please. 

She’s enthused.

Unfortunately Clowne Half Marathon has sold out, so I can’t get myself a new hoodie. It’s entirely my fault for delaying putting our entries in. So I enter us in the Great Langdale Pud Run as compensation.

Worksop Half Marathon is also nearly full. Either people are working off their Christmas excesses before they've had them or else they're all training in the futile hope that they've got a place in London.

Shall I enter us for Worksop?’ I ask.

Oh, yes please. 

She’s enthused. I never thought anyone would be keen about Worksop.

She also suggests the Watford Half Marathon to her sister, who is super-super-enthused and will have entered by the time I've picked up L's email about it.

(Monday 30th September)

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