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Saturday 21 September 2019

Vodka But Not Essential, Obviously

L seems to be getting her running mojo back or is that her running FOMO. The first email of the day from her says ‘Ok, do it, put me out of my misery, can you send me the Parkrun discount code for Robin Hood Half Marathon?’. I hadn't even asked the question.

The £10 Parkrun discount code she refers to is rather annoying as they waited until I’d already entered and then sent it me the next day.

The second email of the day from L is her shopping list for my trip to Sainsbury’s later. Just what do you do when someone sends you a shopping list and at the bottom it says 'Vodka - but not essential, obviously'.

With no sign of my normal outdoor dog training getting going again due to the far from great weather we're having I go to my club’s session instead which has been moved to a Monday this week.

Tuesday is bike day, which was very pleasant, but I have to power it home as I have a committee meeting to make in the evening. There is no tennis on Thursday as my opponent is 'away' on staycation meaning he's at home. He does things like that.

L says we will decide Saturday’s parkrun destination over the gallon of vodka she’s been building up to while warming our hands over a burning effigy of an Apple Mac. Hopefully not mine. She appears to have had a frustrating boss + computer related day. A lethal combination. She also appears to have spotted the ‘not essential’ vodka.

She also has Pilates booked on Saturday morning but she’s willing to cancel that if we're going somewhere wild and exciting. We go to Colwick, so I guess she’ll do Pilates as well. She
was contemplating Bestwood (e.g wild but not exciting) but once I mentioned that I’d like to run then that was changed to somewhere I’m less likely to get injured. Although, sadly, I can get injured anywhere.

Daughter meanwhile is doing one of those mud runs, Wild Warrior at Brailsford.

Afterwards I take the boys round to see my Dad as it’s his birthday. It’s an odd sort of a birthday treat but he is fond of them.

In the evening L and a friend of hers head up to Sheffield for a Matt Haig gig, he’s a author. Leaving the boys and I to make our own entertainment. I would have tagged along if I could have done a session in the Sheffield Tap but I have a half marathon on Sunday.

(Saturday 21st September)

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