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Friday 31 January 2020

A Sea Of Positivity

L is having problem accessing Dog TV but it’s working for me. Well I think it is, nothing is moving so it could have frozen or they could simply be comatose.

Monday is the first dog club committee meeting of the year and L is, as ever, sceptical that I’ll be home much before midnight but it doesn’t go on that long and I’m back in plenty of time to heat up the scraps she’s left me for my dinner.

Not for the first time she is job hunting in remote places. She sees two jobs going on St Kilda but unfortunately she’s not an Archaeologist nor a Marine Biologist.

On Tuesday L is off work and instead doing a training run with her sister followed by lunch. I just hope that they were both a sea of pre-marathon positivity. I do my own run after work and make it as far as Beeston before getting on the bus, which is just over 12 miles.

On Wednesday, L is out to lunch again then has a consultation with a new personal trainer, one who takes her dog to work with her. I wonder whether it tries to join in the sessions. Ours would. Later I take ours to dog training.

Thursday see me cycling to work which was really hard after my two runs this week while L is at her run club.

On Friday Derby at home to Stoke and impressively win 2-0. Derby need to get as many points in the bank as they can because they are due in front of a tribunal for selling their own ground to their owner. That’s allowed but the valuation seems to be on par with that of Wembley Stadium which does sound a little dubious. They could end up with a points deduction. However they claim to have documentation signed by the league approving the valuation of the ground and if that’s true I can’t see how the league would have a case.

(Friday 31st January)

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