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Friday 10 January 2020


L’s sister's 50th birthday is coming up and L asks if I have any ideas what she can get her. She could buy her another race entry... something to take her mind off the Brighton Marathon perhaps but then she says her sister has a downer on running at the moment. Not that I know of any runners who don’t have a downer on running and she did apparently get up at 5:30am to do 10 miles one morning this week, followed by a sports massage. That’s not my sort of downer.  

According to the BBC, and yes I know no one believes anything on the BBC anymore, running a marathon is a really positive thing and cuts 'artery age by four years'. Researchers tested 138 novice runners attempting the London Marathon. Firstly 138 isn’t very many, secondly as we are not 'novice' runners does this apply to us or, at our age, is artery age overshadowed by all the battered muscles and joints anyway.

I cycle to work on Tuesday and dodge the rain, which comes later and stops me getting out for lunch causing me to open the Maltesers in my drawer. L is at Run Club in the evening, which is why it’s raining. It always rains on her Run Club night. I’m at Dog training.

After my Robin Hood card packed up last week, now my Mango card follows suit on Wednesday. I’ve always suspected that the cards from the two rival companies would attempt to sabotage each other at some point.

The really annoying thing was that, for once, I had actually managed to catch the earlier bus and so I would have been on time for work had this not happened... but I had to go to their office to get a new one.

In the evening Daughter comes round for some role play, this is for her latest Police interview.  

On Thursday both L and I run. We’re both aiming to run 10. L goes for 10k, I go for 10 miles and we compare notes later.

Then, as it’s the 2nd Friday in January, it must be time for my biannual haircut. L won’t recognise me. Meanwhile L is in the gym doing a ‘strengthening workout for marathon runners’. She says I won't recognise her. 

(Friday 10th January)

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