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Thursday 25 June 2020

Legendary Outtakes

On Monday, we get confusing information from the hospital. First they tell me that Mum is about to come out, so I go over to pick up Dad. Then they say she isn’t, so I come home. Then they say she is, so I go back over to pick up Dad and this time it’s not a false alarm.

We both put on face coverings and manage to break her out of hospital in just 28 minutes, making it inside the 30 minutes free parking. Result.

The Government is not only pleading us all to get out there and rescue the economy by ‘buying for Britain’ in the shops but now we are also being urged to ‘drink for Britain’ as they announce the reopening of the pubs on 4th July.

Rock City are first out of the blocks, emailing to say they have turned their car park into an outdoor bar and are now taking bookings. Broadway Cinema follow to say they are not opening until September. The summer is a lean time for independent cinema so I can quite understand their thinking.

At the same time the Government announces an end to the Daily Briefings probably because their main man Chris Whitty didn’t look terribly impressed about the reopening of pubs or perhaps he was just worried that if he objected to the plan they'd do to him what they did to Jonathan Van Tam. Remember him? Not seen since he condemned trips to Durham by Special Advisors.

Ultimately the Government believes that we don't need briefings and good old British common sense will see us through this mess. Clearly haven't noticed the lack of common sense being displayed in places like Bournemouth Beach.

On Tuesday I manage another run and on Wednesday we all get out of bed early to head to Forest Rec where Daughter attempts to crack the Bleep Test once and for all. We manage to play the backing track nice and loud on the car stereo, then get in position with a camera and lots of encouragement. Then... we wait for a gap between the joggers and dog walkers. At least the outtakes were legendary. 

It didn’t quite work out so we have another go in the evening in the much quieter location of the car park at the currently closed Xercise4less. She is close again but not quite there but I’m sure she’ll crack it on Thursday. Unfortunately, I have to miss that attempt as I’ve decided to go into work that day and of course that is the time she cracks it, on her birthday. Bravo.

Meanwhile I go into work just for the bike ride. Some people tell me that’s an awful reason to go back into work but I need it. Once there I have the entire upstairs floor to myself. I also discover a few things I abandoned in my haste when we were locked down such as several packets of Maltesers in my drawer.

(Thursday 25th June)

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