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Friday 12 June 2020

Race Unfit

L says we must do a veggie night once a week and I’m happy to oblige. The only problem is I’m a bit predictable and it’s almost always going to be Tarka Dhal with Bombay Potatoes.

As regards the ongoing pandemic we were originally told to ‘stay at home’ which was simple, straightforward, and actually quite easy. Now they say we can mingle a little and have a ‘gathering’ of up to six people. As long as it’s outside and only two families.

Then later in the week the powers that be announce that you can have a ‘support bubble’ indoors with one relative but not two. The problem with all this is that yet again the Government is several weeks behind what the public are already doing. Just as they have been with the virus.

In addition you can now visit car showrooms and garden centres. Sadly, these are again place like Idea and McDonalds that I don’t frequent.

There are rumours that they’ll reopen the pubs next month which would be nice. I'm sure they’re mostly worried about what we all might all get up to instead if they don't. The advance notice is good as breweries will need three to four weeks to brew any real ale.

Meanwhile the entire Race for Life series has been cancelled, which has surprised me because it’s not actually a ‘race’ and I would have thought would be one of the easier ones to do socially distant. That doesn’t bode well for any other races going ahead.

That said, Race For Life say they were expecting to raise £30M this year for charity but now with no races their fundraising with be 20-25% down... so still well over £20M then. That’s not bad and makes you wonder why they bother with the actual races at all. Perhaps they won't any more..

I sell the Astra for £135, having decided it’s not worth getting the timing belt fixed and on Friday I manage to hobble round 6k, dog free. I’m not exactly race fit even if there was one a race around to run.

(Friday 12th June)

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