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Sunday 28 June 2020

Not Glastonbury

This time I go over to my Dad’s for the match as Derby win again, 2-1 over Reading, and my Mum gets to watch this one too, between naps.

This weekend would have been the 50th Glastonbury Festival, not that we got tickets, and the BBC celebrate it with some classic sets from the past. Sadly the first thing that you realise is that the BBC have only covered the Festival since 1997, which although this is over 20 years is less than half the life of the event. So there’s nothing really fascinatingly old from the 70s or the 80s.

About the oldest is a intriguing set from an upcoming band called Oasis back in 1994 which was actually filmed by Channel 4 who covered the Festival for the three years prior to 1997 before the BBC elbowed them out of the way. There was also the Killers debut from 2004 and a great set, that I enjoyed at the time, from Arcade Fire in 2014. Then, of course, the set everyone has been talking about from David Bowie in 2000, which was indeed excellent. Aside from those highlights though, it was a bit dull really. The BBC must have much better in their archives but chose not to make it available. Still it was an appropriate reason to open this week’s keg.

I get up and do a run first thing on Sunday (e.g. about 11:30am) although it’s only 5.5k, it is still a training run. The Brighton Marathon is still on for now, despite gatherings currently being limited to 30 people.

(Sunday 28th June)

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