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Sunday 21 June 2020

Behind Closed Doors

There is a panicked call from my Dad on Saturday morning as my Mum can't get out of her chair and she is taken into hospital. In these Covid-19 times, I learn the difference between Red and Green A&E and of course we’re not allowed to visit but it appears she’s fine, just suffering low blood pressure.

Championship football returns today behind closed doors, and as we’re not allowed to see my Mum, I bring my Dad over to watch the match. Derby County have given us free streaming to all remaining nine games home and away. Obviously I don’t expect it to work seamlessly and expect a few issues but in fact it all runs brilliantly. It’s 1pm start and Derby win 3-2 at Millwall.

Rather bizarrely L’s Dad ends up in A&E on the same day but he’s fine too and he’s home in the evening while they keep my Mum in overnight.

Sunday is Father's Day but still no Mum, who is kept in for a second night. We go over to see my Dad with the dogs and meet my Brother there, where the Lad has a go at his cousin.

(Sunday 21st June)

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