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Friday 19 June 2020


L starts the week unsure whether she’s coming or going, furloughed one minute and then not the next. Meanwhile my company agree to start paying us all our full wages again.

From this week non-essential shops are open. Not that I ever visit any shops that aren’t essential and as we’ve all been able to buy everything ‘non-essential’ online for the last three months anyway, I’m not sure this will actually make much difference to our broken economy.

A couple on TV quickly prove me wrong. They are filmed buying a pair of cushions for which they started queuing at about 6:00am. I imagine they were also first in the queue for toilet rolls back in March.

Face covering are now compulsory on public transport and voluntary wearing of them at Sainsburys increases every time I go. It’s up to about 1 in 3 customers now.

On Tuesday the dog club have a virtual Committee meeting as we speculate if we’ll be able to return to training as planned in September.

Later in the week I run with the Lad and my knees survives 8.5k. Meanwhile the Great North Run is cancelled.

Our new lives as TV watchers continue with us this week watching two mini-series, all five episodes of Chernobyl and all three of the BBC series about Salisbury Poisonings. The Salisbury Poisonings series is fascinating on its own but also because of its successful use of contract tracing which we are currently being very bad at for Covid-19.

We also listen to the Great Post Office Swindle on the radio and I watch ‘Slaying the Badger’ on ESPN while my free week with them is still active. This is a fascinating look at the controversial battle between Greg LeMond and Bernard Hinault (known at the Badger) at the 1986 Tour de France.

(Friday 19th June)

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