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Sunday 6 September 2020

Declining Popularity

The country continues with its Covid-19 half-arsed-ness. Please wear a face covering but don’t worry we won’t tell you off if you don’t. Please quarantine if you’ve been away on holiday but don’t worry we won’t check if you don’t. Please give your details to Test and Trace when you visit the pub but don’t worry if you don’t, we probably won’t call you anyway and that’s assuming we can read your scrawl.

The council are perhaps being a little more serious about it all because on Saturday, when L goes to Pilates, she is made to socially distance in the rain, which may or may not kill the virus.

The new football season starts with Derby playing Barrow in the first road of the League Cup. The match goes to penalties, which Derby win. Sadly the game has no programme but that would be understandable as they didn’t have a crowd either but the club have actually decided to stop producing match day programmes due to declining popularity.

It’s sad because I have a near complete collection of them since I started going to games in 1977. I also have some from before then that my Dad had collected. Quite why they needed to make a decision on this when we aren’t going to be going to any games any time soon I don’t know.

Most people won’t have even noticed this decision and won’t until they start attending games again when, hopefully, the backlash will mean they will get reinstated. They have replaced the programme with a monthly magazine which will be even less popular as they should know having launched several such magazines over the decades, none of which lasted very long.

Saturday evening is spent in the Blue Monkey and the Borlase while on Sunday I run with the Lad.

(Sunday 6th September)

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