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Thursday 17 September 2020

Et Voilà

On Tuesday morning, back home, we wake up without the Lad. Somehow he’s managed to get himself locked in computer room in the middle of the night.

I cycle to work and with L now back in work full time, the boys are on their own at home. She even risks a gym session.  I have to miss tennis but it would probably have been too sunny anyway.

L takes my watch, a Christmas present from her, in to Nottingham to get the battery replaced. Swatch do them for free but she is informed that it’s not the battery that's failed but the mechanism that has stopped working. It is under guarantee but L tells the man that she has shredded all her receipts from that Christmas. Ah but not the one for my watch, which she gave to me and I have kept. Et voilà. I have a new watch.

(Thursday 17th September)

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