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Friday 25 September 2020

Join The Club

Tennis is off because my opponent has gone and injured himself again. Something about setting fire to his arm but I daren’t ask for details. It was probably too sunny to play anyway. So I spend my lunchtime chucking balls.

Wednesday brings dog training while Thursday is an extra trip to Asda for my folks before handing over to my brother while we’re away for two weeks. Meanwhile L goes for a trial session at David Lloyds and she will start there after our holiday. Our TV watching continues with 'Des' about Dennis Nilson and starting David Tennant.

Friday is traumatic after MD falls down the stairs. Well he was pushed. He was stood at the top and the Lad went underneath him causing MD to lose his balance. He then barrel rolled all the way down to the bottom. It was well scary but no harm has been done it seems as he got up right away. The Lad stood at the top and watched the whole thing but didn’t look particularly concerned.

The Government pivots on its Covid strategy again. From telling us at the start of August that there was now no excuse not to go back to the office, then at the end of August to go back to the office or risk losing our jobs to now telling us to work from home again.Confused? Join the club.

You can still go to the pub, at the moment, but they have to have table service and mask wearing by staff is now compulsory. Two things that most of us thought was compulsory from day but apparently wasn’t. At least the NHS App has now finally been released.

L purchases Troubled Blood, the new Robert Galbraith, for our holiday. All 31 hours of it!

(Friday 25th September)

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