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Friday 4 September 2020

There’s Always Something

Monday is a bank holiday, so shopping is deferred to Tuesday or it would be if it wasn’t for tennis but... of course tennis is off because my opponent has injured his hand. There’s always something but then, as regards injuries, I'm the same. Must be our age.

So I shop after all but decide to go to Nottingham Sainsbury’s on Castle Marina. This was a big mistake. It was far busier than the one at Derby’s Wyvern, so it wasn’t particularly Covid safe, everything was in different places and therefore I couldn’t find anything and then to top it all they still have trolleys where you have to put a £1 coin in. I thought those went out of existence in about 1990 but obviously not. 

Of course I didn’t have a £1 coin and the store wouldn’t give me one because that wouldn’t have been Covid safe, so someone had to unlock the trolley for me. I think I’ll stick to Wyvern in future.

The dog club finally restarts although we now have a maximum group size of six and follow social distancing which means we will continue to lose money but at least we’re operating again.

The Watford Half in 2021 is cancelled and that was until February, don’t tell Brighton.

L’s Mum is tearing her hair out about being stuck at home, so on Wednesday L goes over to watch Jason Bourne films with her Dad while her Mum goes wild in Intu.

I go into work on Friday and go on the bike which is my first cycle ride in three weeks. I celebrate with a bacon roll while L can celebrate her getting to work with a now refiled chocolate machine for which she is the only customer in the building. 

(Friday 4th September)

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