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Friday 11 September 2020

Pipes And Wires

Monday is the first time I have to queue to gain access to Sainsbury’s for quite a while as I return to the Wyvern after last week’s failed experiment with Castle Marina.

Tennis happens on Tuesday, which surprised me as I was quite looking forward to hearing what this week’s injury was. The game finishes in a one set all draw.

On Wednesday, the Government holds its first Covid-19 Press Conference since July, although as Nicola will tell you they’ve never stopped in Scotland. This is to refine the ‘rule of six’ rule as we ramp up for ride the long expected second wave. What nobody seems to realise, because everyone’s been ignoring it including the Government, is that what they are doing is actually relaxing the rule. Previously meeting up was supposed to be restricted to just two households of up to six people in total, now it’s six of any household.

Pubs are also now be legally required to take contact details rather than it being 'advisory', as it should have been before. If we were capable of getting things right first time around rather than months later we’d be rather good at all this by now.

It looks bleak for sports events which is why I haven't renewed my season ticket. My Dad gets access to all the TV Games with his free season ticket so there's little point me renewing.

On Thursday I take my Mum to Derby Royal hospital where she is to be strapped to a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours. This is to see if/when her blood pressure drops. She was in and out in 20 minutes, which was good, but she’s not happy because she is now covered in pipes and wires. My Dad is so going to enjoy fiddling with them and it probably won’t be working by the time they get it back tomorrow.

I again take her to hospital for them to do this, so I don’t go into work, and therefore don’t bike.

(Friday 11th September)

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