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Sunday 25 October 2020

Making Things Disappear

Rumours are that Derby will soon be joining us in Tier 2 but, ha ha, they’ll never catch us. We’ll be in Tier 3 by then. 

The Lad has a good week making things disappear. I open a tin of beans, then after I briefly turn my back, I notice that the lid has disappeared off the worktop and is now up the garden. I’m surprised he didn’t cut his tongue given how many times I've spliced my finger on those ring pulls. Then when I lose the cardboard bit from a used toilet roll, there’s no trace at all. I think someone might have eaten it.

On Saturday we have a photo session for the dog club’s annual calendar up at Arleston. It chucks it down with rain during our time slot but the photos are still very impressive.

Our Bosch vacuum cleaner, which we have lent to my Mum and Da, stops working completely. I wonder if they’ll now, finally, take it back.

On Sunday I go for another 1Ok run with the Lad and then settle down to watch the end of the Giro d’Italia. Which finishes with yet another Brit taking a Grand Tour as Tao Geoghegan Hart is the unexpected winner. Just like the Tour de France it was settled on the final time trial but it was a much better race overall.

 (Sunday 25th October)

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