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Thursday 29 October 2020


On Monday I head down to the University labs at QMC because I’ve been invited to take a Covid Antibody test after offering my services in the search for a vaccine. I manage not to faint as they take a sample of my blood. 

Daughter becomes a car owner as she picks up her first car while L and I are quite possibly the first people to do Middleton Primary School’s Pumpkin Trail.

Tuesday sees L fulfilling an ambition to swim in the rain at David Lloyd’s outdoor pool. Each to their own. I can’t say that I share her enthusiasm but I have already swum in the rain a few times, the Sundowner and Outlaw Half Ironman’s spring to mind, they were deeply unpleasant even in a wetsuit.

The rain means that the tennis season has now most definitely officially ended and the Covid ‘rules’ say we can’t move it indoors. I may have to go for a run instead. My opponent assures me that is something he won’t be doing. Each to their own. The rain also means that MD spends all morning sulking because he can’t have the door open.

By Wednesday Daughter has well and truly been welcomed into to car ownership with her first flat tyre. We feel that her driveway has claimed yet another victim and to her credit she now gets her landlord to remove the metalwork at the end of her drive that may have maimed many people's cars. Unfortunately, as is often the way, no one can get her wheel off and a garage will have to be called.

Nottingham, from being top of the Covid infections league, has now plummeted to 22nd and is clearly heading further downwards, yet it is belatedly confirmed that we will be moving into Tier 3 from Friday and the rest of Nottinghamshire will be joining us but not Derby. On the day it records more cases than Nottingham for the first time Derby is only required to go into Tier 2.

(Thursday 29th October)

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