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Thursday 22 October 2020

Scone Addiction

On Monday I have to go into work because the internet goes down at home. Well actually our phone line is totally dead. There’s an Openreach van parked up the road so I guess that it’s something to do with them.

L puts an old duvet cover at the side of our bed where MD usually lies, to make him more comfortable. He spends the first part of the week avoiding lying in that spot completely, possibly wondering why something has been dumped there. It is only after the Lad has tried it for size that MD grudgingly, at long last, decides to lay on it but he makes a big show of not looking terribly happy about it.

L swims at David Lloyds where today it’s just like John Carroll because it’s just her in the pool. So home from home. However unlike John Carroll, they didn't shut the pool early and chuck her out.

L bakes some scones, to save us from going cold turkey after developing an addiction on holiday, which of course we smoother in jam and clotted cream.

Our internet is back working by Monday evening, so I’m working from home again from Tuesday. Which is also our final tennis game of the season. Although my opponent is a little bit annoyed about having to don full thermals on what is a damp, cold and windy day. To be honest, I expected him to say he was injured. Having unknowingly booked the wettest court, we move to a drier one but then it gets surprisingly busy and we have to change court three times because new people kept turning up, who had somehow been tipped off on how to book the driest courts.

The Brighton Marathon is cancelled. Which is a relief and the first time they have been on the ball enough to cancel early. The new date is now 12th September 2021 which sadly is the same day as the Great North Run. So I will defer instead to April 2022. There’s nothing like booking well in advance. I might even be fit by then.

(Thursday 22nd October)

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