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Thursday 24 December 2020

Microwave Crisis

Sainsbury’s is mad on Monday, presumably because everyone is expecting another Lockdown to be imminent as our Great Leader announces a press conference for 5pm. He announces that we now have our own world beating mutant strain of Covid-19 named after the county of Kent. Forty countries across the world promptly close their borders to us and lorry queues start to form at our ports. It seems that many truckers will be spending Christmas in Dover.

More bad car news for Daughter as she’s receives a letter from the council saying she’s been driving in a bus lane. Only she hasn’t but the photo does show her car slipstreaming a bus. Be careful who you lend your car to.

L has her last day at work before Christmas on Tuesday while I work until Wednesday.

On Wednesday evening we head over to Leamington for a doorstep chat with Son and to exchange Christmas presents. This is as good as it gets these days.

Thursday is Christmas Eve and we meet my brother and his family for a walk on Darley Park. The Lad has to spend the entire walk on the lead after he restates his dislike for their dog.

After the walk we join the hoards waiting outside the only coffee place that is open. Ironically social distancing would have been easier if they’d been allowed to open inside as well.

From there we were due to visit L’s folks but have to detour home first having forgotten one of their gifts, L’s legendary Cottage Pie.

Then, in what proves to be a very busy Christmas Eve, my Dad rings to say that they have a major crisis. Their microwave has caught fire, is no more and they can't live without it. Having not had a microwave for about 20 years I’m not quite sure what the urgency is particularly as we’re cooking for them on Christmas Day and my brother is on Boxing Day. However he decides to risk his health by heading to Asda to buy a new one.

Oh, and we have a Brexit Deal. Which as expected they have left until the last minute so that no one gets time to read it before it comes into force.

(Thursday 24th December)

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