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Friday 4 December 2020

Almost Feeling Festive

You can’t beat a fraught dog walk to open the week and we get plenty of those, it's never helped by a little white terrier that we regularly see who does this constant high pitched squealing thing. It never goes down well with the boys and we also struggle to recover our cool afterwards.

The Welsh First Minister announces that from pubs, restaurants and cafes will be banned from selling alcohol because clearly all this is alcohol’s fault. England will no doubt follow suit. Mind you it’s never been easy getting a pint in Wales, some places in Wales only started serving on Sundays in the 1990s.

Tuesday is the 1st December, so the boys and I open our advent calendars. Doggie chocolate for them, cheese for me thanks to Daughter. L complains she doesn't have her own advent calendar so I fast track delivery of one for her, chocolate of course. Two for the price of one as well, so I can have one too.

Everybody is confused as Lockdown 2.0 finishes a day early. When the Government said it would finish at midnight on Wednesday 2nd December everyone assumed they meant the midnight at the end of Wednesday, not the start, particularly as it all started on a Thursday. So a lot of things aren't opening today, such as our dog training, because we weren't expecting to be allowed to open yet.

Dog training aside, which I will be able to do next week, very little has changed around here and the new Tier 3 seems very like a continuation of Lockdown. Meanwhile three weeks after they announced mass testing for Nottingham and in loads of other areas, the Government seems to have quietly shelved the whole idea.

Thursday sees yet another visit from the Bosch man who... hasn't got all the parts he needs and says he'll be back again next week.

On Friday I look out of the window and it’s sleeting, so almost feeling festive I put the Christmas Tree up. Meanwhile our neighbours have recreated the Blackpool illuminations in our street.

(Friday 4th December)

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