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Sunday 13 December 2020

Mini Staycation

A fraught dog walk on Friday ends up with me having teeth marks on my thigh from a dog who was a bit too lively and missed savaging his target by about two hundred metres.

Friday sees a visit from the gas man who I had booked for Tuesday but didn’t turn up because he forgot to put the appointment in his diary. He did email to apologise. He comes to service our boiler, disconnect the gas fire we no longer need and to hopefully find out why our gas hob won’t stay lit. All of which he does apart from the hob which, typically, won’t play up for him.

The Bosch man makes his weekly visit and spends well over half an hour in the back of his van with the dreaded vacuum cleaner. Which I hope he is administering a good kicking to. He emerges eventually saying he’s rebuilt the whole thing and hands it back to me. He says it will now work and it does but whether it will ever get used is another matter. I have to say he deserves full marks for perseverance.

We would in better times have been in the Lakes this weekend for the Langdale Christmas Pudding 10K, which has obviously been cancelled and we’re not allowed to travel anyway. We decide to keep our Monday ‘off work’ and have a mini staycation.

It is actually typical Lakeland weather e.g. wet. We even skip the Six Pack Challenge this week because of it although L does still go out for a run in the rain.

Sunday sees a 'Freedom Rally' march of about 200 people from Forest Rec to the Market Square. They are protesting against the Covid restrictions although in reality, just like with the council's foolish Christmas Market, all they are doing is ensuring that our Tier 3 restrictions will stay in place for even longer. As the majority of them seem to have come from outside Nottingham I don’t suppose that’s important to them.

(Sunday 13th December)

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