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Thursday 10 December 2020

Not Tearing The Pants Out Of it

On Sunday we do the third run in the Nottingham Six Pack Challenge called the ‘Mean and Leen 6K’ at Bestwood Park. Sunday would also have been our Dog Club AGM but obviously that’s off.

Nottingham’s Christmas Market isn't off. Well, not until it's closed after just one day when it turns out to exactly the super-spreader event that everyone said it would be. Most other cities had cancelled their Christmas Markets this year but for some reason our council thought this was a good idea when everyone else thought we should be focussing on getting out of Tier 3 instead. 

On Monday, I am regularly disturbed from my work by delivery men knocking at the front door. Pretty soon there are four parcels piled up on the kitchen worktop and it’s not even lunchtime. None of them are for me and most of them look like books. They may be Christmas presents or L may just be using it as cover to get more reading matter into the house. More suspicious parcels continue to arrive throughout the week.

Wednesday is the Lad’s birthday but everyone forgets. He tries to bite through his lead in pure frustration. Mind you, he tries to do that anyway. We all remember eventually; L promises to do him a sausage and he does have dog training later where he can really let his hair (fur?) down.

L asks me to get the Dyson charged and ready to go. She also likes to let her hair down while we’re at dog training.

Dog training is the only thing around here that’s reopened that is beneficial to me. I’m guessing JVT's, deputy chief medical officer, advice not to ‘tear the pants out of it’ probably doesn’t apply to dog training but then there hasn't, as yet, been a ‘Go Dogging To Help Out’ scheme.

Wednesday also brings the TV repair man as I have lost reception to several channels. Apparently we need a new aerial which they install.

On Thursday I have a Zoom Funeral. My Dad’s brother died recently at the age of 95 but my parents have sensibly decided that attending wouldn’t be wise in the current situation. The live stream is a bit dodgy, pausing frequently, but still a good idea.

(Thursday 10th December)

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