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Sunday 22 August 2021

Blink And You Would Have Missed Them

My colleague who has been cycling into work with me but only after he’s driven to our place first, starts biking all the way from his home. Adding another five miles and becoming yet another person who is outdoing me.

On Wednesday I work from home because I have another Physio session at the Mary Potter Centre and which means I have to work with a dog on my knee. I meet with a very enthusiastic young chap in their ‘gym’ which he was very embarrassed about because all they had was a treadmill, exercise bike and a few exercise balls.

We don’t use any of that stuff but he gives me a gym programme based mainly on leg weights and he also wants me to use the cross trainer. So I will renew my Derby gym membership where I can go for some lunch time sessions.

I owned up to him that I’d done a 'few short' runs and that I’d got a marathon booked for April. He wasn’t fazed by that and seemed up for the challenge.

L, of course, outdoes my day by revelling that she’s been to the Nottingham Knife Amnesty, getting rid of a knife collection that had been gathering dust at her parents’ house. What we need now is the Nottingham Fish Tank Amnesty as we have one of those gathering rain in our garden.

Tennis is off as they have the Junior National Championships on this week although, predictably, my opponent is injured again. I’m permanently injured but was still available. I take the boys on the park instead.

Thursday is the fortnightly trauma of trying to get a shopping list out of my Dad, then the extreme suffering that is Asda where I end up having his card declined again. As a pick me up L says she’ll put a flake in my beer and then ruminates on when they'll invent dark flakes.

They already have! but blink and you would have missed them.

On Friday I attempt to follow my physio’s advice and go to the gym but after having spent 45 minutes in reception signing up I had no lunch hour left to actually go in the gym. Even after 45 minutes they still didn’t manage to issue me with a card to get in and I will need to pick that up when I next go. 

After causing a big stink last month by saying that the Goose Fair would go ahead but with an entrance fee, the Council have now cancelled it altogether. I guess they are worried they’re going to get loads of grief again like they did with the Christmas market.

On Saturday we Parkrun again at Wollaton Park, where I manage to take not far off two minutes off my time, which is some sort of progress, but the bar was set very low. Then there’s a match in the afternoon. 

On Sunday after getting an expensive quote for cutting my Dad’s hedge I meet a couple of gym bunnies, L and Daugher, in the Borlase for a drink.

(Sunday 22nd August)

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