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Sunday 8 August 2021

Perhaps Not The Greatest Of Ideas

At the Olympics we get loads more gold medals and there’s a silver medal for Bulwell in the weightlifting. Emily Campbell’s 283kg lift makes all our gym efforts look piddly. Mind you we’re not from Bulwell, they build them tough in Bulwell.

The Kennel Club issues a ‘Why Does My Dog?’ guide. We all go straight to the Eat Poo section where we find out that MD is apparently normal. Who knew?

Tuesday I bike and then dog train, leaving L to her skipping which, for some reason, she’ll only do once the Lad has left the building.

With my ongoing knee problems I think, sensibly, that going through with the Manchester Marathon in October is perhaps not the greatest of ideas. I can defer to the 2022 race which is in April and the week before Brighton... also perhaps not the greatest of ideas... or downgrade to the Half which is what I go for.

On Wednesday we are the vets to get the boys Kennel Cough jabbed so that we can dump them when we do the Great North Run. We were expecting quite struggle again as it’s such an unpleasant procedure but the vet does it outside and manages it brilliantly.

On Friday Daughter’s partner tests positive for Covid and the next day she gets pinged to self-isolate as he records his test.

 Saturday sees L doing her 199th parkrun. I support her at Wollaton Park with the dogs which probably does my knees more damage than running it would have done.

It’s also the first match of the football season as Derby play Huddersfield. My Dad is absolutely thrilled to be back at the football even more so when we manage to get a much closer parking spot than before.

On Sunday we go for a few beers at the Organ Grinder.

(Sunday 8th August)

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