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Thursday 12 August 2021

Unsurprisingly Rubbish

Doggo’s birthday would have been this week on Tuesday. He would have been 20 and a Facebook memory pops up of 4 years ago when he was 16.

I skip Tuesday’s League Cup match against Salford City deciding midweek games could be a bit difficult parents wise. In any case they’ll probably play the reserves and lose. In the end they play the reserves, it’s a 3-3 thriller and they scrape through on penalties.

On Wednesday I meet my now retired ex-colleague for lunch and bring him up to date with what little developments there’s been. Then it’s dog training.

L is having to do Daughter’s shopping for her while she isolates. On Thursday she tests positive herself which extends her isolation. I’m not sure if it’s bad luck or good luck that this has all hit her before the Government scraps the self-isolation rules next Monday. If she’d been pinged ten days later than she was she would have been free to go into work for almost a week to infect as many colleagues as possible.

I cycle on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. That’s three days in a row. Ta da. Then drag myself to tennis where I am unsurprisingly rubbish. 

(Thursday 12th August)

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