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Sunday 5 September 2021

Everything In The Right Order

Monday is a Bank Holiday which I spent a chunk of cutting our hedge.

Then it’s back to work on Tuesday. I bike on Wednesday, which is also tennis where we find out that the Tennis Centre is being sold to the LTA. Which hopefully means they’ll finally modernise the place.

My Dad accidently buys some ground coffee, so I go out and get him a cafetiere so that he can use it. Turns out to be the best present ever, he loves it and now makes every coffee he makes with it.

On Friday we meet up with L’s sister and family for a few beers in the Silk Mill and then a meal in the Exeter. Which is excellent and the first time we've done that in years.

On Saturday I’m at an Agility Show at Thoresby Park. After a first run where I wasn’t sure what course the Lad was doing but it wasn’t the same one as me his second run was much better. He did everything in the right order but sneakily added two extra tunnels into the course. He is fond of his tunnels.

In the afternoon’s first run he has two poles down, misses his A Frame contact and misses his weave entry but everything was again in the right order, this time with no extra tunnels and not eliminated. We may have racked up 20 faults but that’s progress. So we won’t mention his fourth run.

Meanwhile L Parkruns in the week that we got a strange email from the Berlin Parkrun that we did pre-lockdown. Obviously a lot of our Covid rules are barking mad but the approach at Berlin parkrun seems even madder still. You have to prove your vaccination status or that you have had Covid or that you have had a negative test but only when you cross the line after running... or you don’t get a time. Brilliant!

I have to do a bit of work remotely on Sunday as we go live on a major project then in in the evening I go for a session on the track at the Velodrome which finally reopens now that they aren’t doing vaccinations there anymore. You could say just in time to shut everything down again for the pantomime. 

(Sunday 5th September)

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