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Wednesday 29 September 2021

Its All Been Happening

While we were away Derby County go into Administration and are deducted 12 points. That is alongside my company being taken over by new owners (my boss did call me to warn me) and one of our staff changing sex. Meanwhile the colleague I now travel in with is stuck at home all week isolating after all his family tested positive for Covid, everyone that is except him. Its all been happening.

So I have no company on this week’s cycling which is only on Tuesday and I get soaked in the process.

L announces that she wishes to move to Wales and live by the sea. Spoiler alert - she almost always wants to move to wherever we've last been on holiday.

She also plunges straight into another health kick which includes a run with Daughter from a Garage in town. Daughter has yet another tyre to fix, that is if she’s got enough petrol to get there. All the petrol stations either have huge queues or have closed completely having run out. It may be more of a car push than a run.

Meanwhile they seem to be rebuilding the temporary vaccine centre on Forest Fields with real bricks and mortar. So not so temporary now unless of course they’re building yet another Aldi.

I’m on a health kick too (sort of) and go to the gym to do my weights workout. Which wasn’t simple obviously. As expected reinstating my cycling membership had obliterated my gym membership. So I’ve had to sign up to the gym all over again. which has again obliterated my cycling membership. They are looking into it... but I’m not holding my breath.

The Lad may be missing his beaches but he’s delighted to get back at dog training.

L is also feeling a bit rough and goes to the Covid test centre. I’m disappointed to hear that these PCR tests are just as reliant on you doing it correctly yourself as testing at home is. The supervision is apparently a teenager telling you which plastic bags to use for everything. Supervision clearly wasn’t on their remit as they changed over shift while she was busy swabbing. No wonder we’ve made such a mess of it all.

She’s concerned when her result takes ages to come through and she’s sitting with my Mum on Wednesday while I take my Dad to the match. My Mum gets her drinking whiskey presumably to kill any germs.

(Wednesday 29th September)

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