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Sunday 19 November 2023

Avoiding All Huskies

Apparently we have both a new Home Secretary and a Foreign Secretary. The latter is someone called Cameron which is seriously weird. Talk about jobs for the boys. Didn’t he resign in disgrace last time he was in Government? 

I skip my Monday cycling as I’m still coughing. Staying at home with a steak and a glass of red wine is more fun.

On Tuesday as L rushes home to get half an hour of raking leaves in which with exercise the Lad, for which she may need floodlights, I head off to Derby’s FA Cup replay at home to Crewe under floodlights. Which they rather embarrassingly lose.

The Lad has a busy Wednesday morning as he got to snarl at his favourite Husky as well as at the Dalmatian and one of the Labradors. Although I would say they all started it and we did have a nice social with some doodles.

My Physio offers to let me skip his evil cardio finale given my poor health but I went for it and then descended into a ten minute coughing fit.

In order to keep extracting money from me he asked, now that my knees aren’t so bad, if I fancied trying a HIIT workout. So I said I’d give that a go and then I came home to Google what a HIIT workout was.

L’s work today takes her back to her old office on Regent Street. Which must have been a bit strange. I’m out in Derby later for a (not so) wild night out with my friend. We don’t venture far having food in the Brunswick and then a last drink in the Alexandra.

The husky has the good sense to hide behind a tree on Thursday which makes the walk a little less confrontational. L swims in the evening while I manage to get in a lunchtime gym.

Obviously I fail to get Glastonbury coach tickets when they go on sale that evening and then I completely forget to try for the main release on Sunday. So we’re not going Glastonbury again.

I am at the Hygienist on Friday morning and then in the evening we’re at Derby Book Festival to see an impressive Wes Streeting telling us about his life so far. He’s only 40. There is, as always, a very old demographic in Quad and presumably those attending to see the Shadow Health Secretary are the ones that aren’t going to vote Tory. We grab a drink afterwards in the Exeter.

On Saturday we skip parkrun because L has a season ticket for the Book Festival and will be heading back there for the day. We walk the Lad together instead. Avoiding all huskies.

I join L later for a session with the brilliant Steve Richards, that's after I’ve squeezed in a game of squash with Daughter. I get the bus over so that we can have a proper debrief over a few drinks in the Flowerpot. I meet L in somewhere called Boo Burger. Richards' latest book is about the turning points in political history. He is very informative about Suez and hilarious a point in history known as 'Truss'.

I don’t join L at at the Book Festival on Sunday as I am meeting an old friend from University who is up to see the Sisters of Mercy tonight at Rock City. We meet in the Lincolnshire Poacher at 5pm which was one of our old hang outs and then move to Langtrys. These are two of the few places that we used to frequent that are still in existence. We return to Langtrys for a night cap after the gig. 

(Sunday 19th November)

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