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Sunday 5 November 2023

Toughing It Out

On Friday L joins us on the morning walk. She has swapped her swim and gym days this week so there's no Friday evening gym session. She goes this morning instead when she can basically do what she wants to do without me getting in the way.

I console myself with a solo 4.4k run at lunchtime on the park. No dog, no L, Billy no mates. The park is eerily quiet, just the guy blowing the leaves off the golf greens and myself. He's been doing his blowing since 8am this morning. I daren't mention that it looks to me as if he's simply blowing them continually from one green to another.

On Saturday we Parkrun at Belvoir on their ‘winter’ course. The day starts dry and bright so I get ready to run. Then of course it rains but I tough it out and still run. No dog of course. The course has a long downhill start which I was dreading coming back up but thankfully it finishes lower down by the car park.

We have a coffee then I drop L in Derby before taking my Dad to the New Inn in Shardlow for lunch. Then I pop round to L’s Mum for a spot of DIY. It takes three of us to put a curtain rail up.

L is at the gym again later and I meet her afterwards with the Lad and we walk up to the Plough. This is despite the constant bombardment of Fireworks Night but the Lad isn't fazed by it.

On Sunday I wake up ill with a bad cough. Perhaps it was a bad pint of Norfolk Nog last night or perhaps it was a bad pint of Supreme or maybe a bad pint of the Oat Meal Stout or maybe it’s Covid. I do a test which comes up negative, for Covid that is.

I am too unwell to run so L does the Sunday run on her own but the Lad and I walk up to the Wollaton to meet her for breakfast. Then she does the gym while I lie dying on the settee watching three FA Cup games back to back. This includes Derby's game where two late goals mean they narrowly avoid an embarrassing defeat to Crewe as the game ends in a 2-2 draw. 

(Sunday 5th November)

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