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Thursday 2 November 2023

My Need May Be Greater Than His

L starts the week in work and has a boss. He must have got his days mixed up. Then on Tuesday she is sent home because he has a problem with his car tyres.

Monday evening is my cycling and perhaps I did overdo it on Sunday because my legs aren’t as good as they usually are. The velodrome cafe is closed so my Dad has two packets of crisps and a Kit Kat for his tea. My legs do seem better by the time I get a pint inside me at the Exeter along with a Chorizo and JalapeƱo scotch egg. The egg that bites back. I bet my Dad wishes he’d waited for his tea.

On Tuesday, after a walk around a swamp like park, work is accompanied by keeping an eye on the riveting Covid enquiry with a short break for lunch with my ex-colleague. 

L fills her unexpected day off by taking the Lad for a lunchtime walk which she calls practising for retirement.

The Lad gets another walk in the evening on the park which, with the clocks having gone back, is surprisingly still open at 5pm. It is also misty, spooky and Halloween-like with the added excitement of the deer lurking in the shadows. I then head to the match where Derby beat Northampton 4-0.

The following evening L and I do a 5k run along the ‘historic’ Rodney route. Which results in my knees not being great the next morning despite doing it without the lad

When I take my Dad for his physio appointment on Thursday I feel that my need may be greater than his. 

In the evening I have a gig.

(Thursday 2nd November)

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